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Fasta Fasta - Travel With Us


FASTA FASTA, ride through Tanzania with joy! Now book a Boda Boda or any other taxi service, instantly without any hassle! You can be rest assured of our services, as we regularly review the drivers and their vehicles for your safety, hygiene, and comfort.Also, no one can overcharge you now. We assure correct pricing for the services.Booking a boda boda has never been so easy! Just download the mobile app from the link given below and start booking. You only need to put in your destination on the map provided with the app, and select the service that you want to use. The nearest boda boda or taxi will come to you Fasta Fasta!Even the drivers benefit from this app. They no longer need to look for customers. The customers will now come to them directly! What more could you ask for?Well, there is more… Our service is available 24x7! You can book your boda boda or taxi any time, any day, and at any ungodly hour; and we promise to never disappoint you. So don’t wait for boda bodas anymore. Book from our services Fasta Fasta!